Tanzania Maasai Village Tours with Taxi and Shuttles

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    Kilimanjaro shuttle offers our customers best Maasai village tours that will definitely give you a great experience worth remembering. We will drive you to a real Maasai homestead for a guided cultural experience.Meet the famous nomadic tribe that have retained their traditional way of life.

    The Maasai is an ethnic group in East Africa, which is located in the vast plains in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They are not the most populous ethnic group, but one of the most well-known tribes in Africa because of their well-guarded and still preserved cultures. The Maasai are known for their semi-nomadic way of life, their eye-catching clothing and their residential areas near the famous national parks Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Masai Mara. – Maasai Masai Maasai Massai Masai Tribe Tanzania Ngorongoro Safari Boma Manyatta Warrior Lake Natron Oldoinyo Lengai Arusha

    The Maasai’s are adorned with the brilliant red, blue and purple patterns of the shukas they wear. The men with their spears, tall and proud. The women bejeweled with bright beaded earrings and scarves. These are the some of the oldest inhabitants of East Africa, the Maasai people.

    They live in small mud-thatched villages, surrounded by their cattle and smaller livestock. For hundreds of years the Maasai have roamed these lands of Kenya and Tanzania, living a free, nomadic lifestyle. Their traditional lands now comprise much of Kenya’s national parks.

    A highlight of your safari vacation with Kilimanjaro Shuttle will make with you a Maasai people. Many of the tribes welcome visitors to their villages to view up close their traditions and way of living.

    Explosion of color on your arrival

    The first thing you’ll notice as you enter a village is the many vivid colors of the Masai’s lesos. The bright shukas or sheets they wear contrast strongly with the greens and browns of the landscape.

    Blended with brightly beaded jewelry – necklaces, bracelets and amulets – worn by the women and men.

    This bead work, while very appealing, has more than just an ornamental value. The women who create it express their identity and social status with these handcrafted pieces.

    You’ll see displays of this beaded jewelry for sale, and you can help support the village with a purchase… as well as bringing home an authentic souvenir from your travels.

    The ever enjoyable music and dance interludes

    Be part of the dance and song performances! The Maasai are known for their rhythmic call-and-response singing. Perhaps their most widely known dance is the adumu or “jumping dance”.

    The warriors form a circle with one person entering the center. This dancer will jump higher and higher to the rhythms of the singers. As he jumps higher the singers will raise the pitch of their voices.

    Sometimes guests are invited into the circle, adding to the dancing fun!

    Stay within the Boma

    Standing in muted contrast to the colorful villagers, you’ll see the browns and grays of the Maasai’s houses, called bomas. Small structures with thatched roofs, it is the job of the Maasai women to build these sturdy dwellings.

    The women begin with a framework of timber poles and interweave smaller branches to form a structure. This is then covered with a mixture of mud, grass, cow dung, urine and ash. The entire structure is no more than 3 x 5 m in area and stands only 1.5 m tall.

    Yet the family cooks, eats, sleeps and socialise in this modest structure – even sharing space with small livestock! You may be able to peek inside to experience a very different lifestyle.

    The men also participate in constructing this homestead. It is their responsibility to build the protective fencing around the village to keep lions and other predators away from the livestock.

    Kilimanajaro Shuttle will be your guide

    Tanzania Maasai Village Tours provide you with opportunities to enjoy a visit to a Masai Village and experience the great culture. On your Kilimanjaro Shuttle Transfers to Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park and Tsavo, you can partake of this optional excursion. Contact us and get the best experience of your life