The Kikuletwa Hot Spring Arusha Tours and Excursion by Taxi and Shuttle

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    Kilimanjaro Shuttle will arrange your visit to Kikuletwa Hot Springs Arusha to experience a very special natural phenomenon where hot water comes up. The water of this source is turquoise blue and crystal clear and invites you to take a refreshing dive.
    The hot springs of Kikuletwa, also known as “Chemka Hot Springs”, are close to the village of Rundugai offering the most beautiful places in Tanzania to enjoy a warm afternoon. The small pond is surrounded by palm and fig trees with winding roots. In the morning, Blue Monkeys can often be observed in the trees, whilst the crystal clear, turquoise water invites you to a refreshing bath. Though called hot springs, the water in Kikuletwa is not truly ‘hot’ but warm and refreshing, as the water source is fed by Mt.Kilimanjaro itself.
    Chemka Springs aka Kikuletwa Hot Springs is located between Moshi and Arusha makes it perfect gateway to explore the off beaten roads leading to mesmerizing paradise of Kikuletwa Hot Springs and while being there a visit to real Maasai Village is a must.
    The Kikuletwa Chemka Hot Spring Arusha Tours and Excursion offers you the best opportunity to have a great experience the crystal clear water bubbling from underground springs.This is a perfect destination, to take a swim and relax after a Kilimanjaro climb or safari, or just to get away for a day.
    The drive to Kikuletwa Hot Springs with Kilimanjaro Shuttle will take about 1 hour 30 min. On a clear atmosphere our customers can have beautiful views of Mt. Meru or Mt. Kilimanjaro  from the main road.
    Just from the main road the drive will continue through small villages, bush land, dry riverbeds, as well as baobab and acacia trees. This area, which used to be a hunting ground for Europeans during the 1800s, is home to members of many different tribes, peacefully co-existing as neighbors. Although the game has long since migrated, it is still a haven to many animal species, including a large variety of birds.
    After 1 hour 30 min of driving, green sprawling fig trees fed by underground springs, will appear out of nowhere in this dry landscape, indicating Kikuletwa Hot Springs are within reach.The crystal clear water of the springs is perfectly refreshing and you may take a plunge via a rope from the trees, slowly wade into the water from the side, or just relax in the shade of the trees.

    The spring is well deep in the middle, with a strong current. Swimming to the other side of the spring is a good workout. Among other amazing features is the “Garra Rufa” Fish which are available swimming in the water. These smart little fish are used by pedicures around the world. These toothless small fish suck and nibble your skin, tenderly removing dead skin cells through natural exfoliation. So you will emerge with shiny and well revitalized body after well swimming.